Tech Tools for the Sales Professional: Are you a Hunter?

In Part Two of this series on tech tools for the individual contributor, we will look at  To see part one of the series click here.  If you are in a role that is typically classified as a hunter, responsible for bringing in new business.  Then you need to check out Hunter ( can be used on their website or as part of a Google Chrome extension. I currently use the Google Chrome extension.  I introduced you to Voila Norbert ( last week in my post.  I mentioned that Norbert is not perfect but a good value for the money. is another email searching tool I use.  When you are on the website of your prospect, you click on the wolf icon on your Google Chrome ribbon.
When you do this a dialog box opens with a list of people that has found and what their email address is.  A lot of times you will get the  Which is helpful when you are using with Norbert when the email domain is different from the website address.  Another benefit of Hunter is it can give you additional names.  While I firmly believe in calling as high in the organization as possible and the C-suite is always listed on websites, sometimes a VP level or Director level may be all you need to close the deal but those people are not always listed on the site. will give you these names.
The free plan allows you to search for emails 100 times a month.  If you need more searches, you would need to upgrade to the paid plans.
One extra bonus point for is the free trial does reset each month allowing you to do searches on their site each month.  Norbert only gives you 50 total searches.  From a users perspective, I appreciate giving us the ability to use it monthly without a fee.  I currently do not subscribe to the plan but do plan to in the coming months.  Again for me as an individual the starter plan is all that I need.  For the larger organizations or for people who are not calling into a vertical like me, a larger plan may be of use.
**Note – While I would love if had an affiliate program, at this point they do not.  So, I am not receiving any compensation for this blog post.***

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