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If you listen to enough sales thought leaders you will hear them talk about adding value.  This was something that I always struggled with because I was not sure what that really meant.  I finally understood what they were talking about when I signed up for Mattermark’s email list serve. (  Mattermark is a database of companies very similar to the ones we have already highlighted in our Tech Tool Series.  For Mattermark, it’s key demographic is startup companies.  Their listserve focuses on sales and start-ups for their information.  Their newsletter comes once a week on Friday and provides valuable curated content from the web that would be beneficial if you were in sales or working at a startup.  Their email provided me with value.
You should try to produce the same type of value to your prospects as well.  I have for a number of years provided a newsletter to my clients and prospects.  I would create a one-to-three page newsletter in Microsoft Publisher, save it as a PDF and email it out monthly on the first.  As part of my research for the Tech Tool Series, we are doing right now, I looked for a software that can help me make a more compelling newsletter.
So far in the series, we have discussed Norbert,, Owler, Fleeq, BombBomb, MapMyCustomer, Calendly, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
During my research for a newsletter creation tool, I ran across a product called
What is an elink?
elink is a visual collection of links that can be shared as an email newsletter, embedded on a blog/website or shared as a web page. You can think of it as a professional Pinterest, where you are not just creating visual boards but you can actually share your collection of links in multiple formats.  Here is an example of my newsletter (Click Here)
Who should use elink?
elink is for anyone who wants to collect and share multiple links (digital content) with clients, followers, colleagues, or students, in a professional way. It’s a beautiful, smart and fast way to share information around a particular topic, personalize it and share it with the world.
How to create an elink collection?
ELink is one of the easiest platforms I have ever used.  To get started simply follow the steps below once you sign in.
Start creating a new elink
Choose a lay out
Add web links
Choose a header
Add your profile
And Publish
elink offers a free program but they also offer a paid version as well.
*** Note – While I would love if elink had an affiliate program, at this point they do not. So, I am not receiving any compensation for you joining elink.  Also, I have not received any compensation for writing this post.  ***

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