Tech Tools for the Sales Professional: Do you know Norbert?

So I have recently changed jobs, more on that in future posts and this change in job has required me to do more new business development then I had been doing the last few years.  In this new role, not only am I prospecting for new business but I am also working on building out the database of potential clients.  This has required me to do a lot of digging for email addresses.  In a perfect world they would all have the following link on their executive profile pages:



The download vCard is always the dream of any business development executive.   But we all know those are not a common occurrence.  So I have found a software that has provided me with the next best option.  Voila Norbert ( will help you find just about anyone’s email address.  To prove their value they offer you 50 free leads so you can see how good they are.  If you find Norbert to be as good as I did, they offer a number of monthly subscription options.




Depending on the number of leads you look for each month, you can pick either a pay as you go or a pre-set bucket of leads.  I went with the Valet which offered me 1,000 leads a month for $39.00.  Which comes out to 3.9 cents per email they provide you.  That seems like a low price to pay to receive email access to your prospects.

You can use Norbert in a number of ways from uploading a list of prospects to the manual way that I do it.  Once I identify a prospective company, I research to see who the people might be that I want to call on.  You then log into Norbert and enter the prospect’s name and the domain of the company.

Once you hit “Go, Ahead, Norbert!”  He will provide you with the person’s email address and then they color code the response.  Green means they are pretty certain they have found the right email address, Orange means they are about 80% certain it is the right email.  Norbert is not 100% accurate but it is the cheapest more reliable tool I have found on the market so far.

So head over to today and check them out.

***Note – While I would love if Norbert had an affiliate program, at this point they do not.  So, I am not receiving any compensation for this blog post.***

9 thoughts on “Tech Tools for the Sales Professional: Do you know Norbert?

  1. Patterson says:

    I tried them, and they are not bad, but I’m not so sure about the quality of leads. Oxyleads and Hunter are still a better option.

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