How my morning routine is helping me.

Last week I wrote about my new morning routine. You can learn more about it HERE. My initial thought for the previous blog was to explain how the routine is helping me. After publishing the article, I realized I didn’t actually talk about my benefits.

I want to follow up on that previous blog to and talk in more detail about the benefits I am seeing.

The Mental Side

The combination of writing down what I am thankful for, what will make today great, and meditation have reduced my stress levels to a point where I no longer grind my teeth at night. I also find myself bothered less frequently by little things.

In addition to the stress reduction, I am more focused on the tasks that I need to get done and have been able to place greater emphasis on the tasks that will help me achieve the goals from the “what makes today great” section of my journal.

The Physical Side

I have seen some improvements in my running, having struggled with a calf injury for over 2 years, as well as I have seen a reduction in knee pains. My weight has fluctuated greatly over the time frame that I have been following the morning routine. My weight has been the biggest disappointment throughout this program. I know that what I have been eating has been the part that has been detrimental to my weight loss and has been making changes to improve it.

The Spiritual Side

Most of my reading has been spiritual for me. This has allowed me to focus on my beliefs and I am finding more clarity in my thinking of my faith and what I need to do to be closer to God.

The mental, physical and spiritual side has all seen improvements and I track all of that back to my morning routine.

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