Tech Tools for the Sales Professional: I am a Howler for Owler

I would like to continue this week in my series of sales tools that I am currently using.  In an earlier post, I discussed: Norbert and  This week I am going to howl for Owler!
Owler is the world’s largest community-based competitive insights platform.  They provide sales reps with the most up-to-date business information in existence, helping business professionals from around the world outsmart their competition and uncover the latest industry news and alerts.
The key points about Owler are that they offer an amazing free product and second they are more accurate than Google Alerts while sending you one email a day instead of multiple emails a day from Google Alert.
The user interface for Owler is easy to use.  You simply type the company’s website into the search box
It pulls up the company and you star it.  When news and information about the company are picked up by Owler’s search tools, you get an email every morning with the important news.  Each company on Owler will display the estimated annual revenue, Key executive, estimated # of employees and some of its top competitors.
Since Owler is a community-based site, the information they share is based on members like me and you updating the information.  So while it is good to use the data for your own good, if you can share insights about a company, make sure you do.
While Owler has a great free offering, they recently launched Owler Pro.  I have since signed up for Owler Pro.  Owler Pro is $24.99 a month.  With the Pro offering, you can customize the real-time triggers that are important to you.  Some of the trigger events are Acquisitions, Funding, IPO, Joint Venture, Leadership Team changes, new products, new partnerships, earnings announcements and more.  You can also sync your CRM to Owler.  As you add Accounts to, you can have those accounts sync with Owler.
One of the ways that I am starting to use Owler is for meeting prep.  As soon as I start preparing for a meeting, I will go into Owler and search for my prospect’s news section.
Here is a screenshot for a prospect.  I can look at news articles, blog posts, videos, and press releases.  This level of insight is hard to get anywhere else in such an organized fashion.
You can follow me on Owler by typing into the search box.
**Note – The link for Owler is an affiliate link and I may receive compensation for your purchase.  Thank you for supporting the site.***

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