I believe I found…

You have most likely heard at some point in your sales career that you should have an elevator pitch.  It is called an elevator pitch because you need to be able to tell someone what you do while riding an elevator.  Depending on how many floors you are going up, you may have a few seconds to maybe even a minute.
Many sales coaches will tell you to drill it down to under 2 minutes.  I think that is too long.  
In today’s, hyper-interrupted, 144 character type world, you need to make your elevator pitch tweet-worthy.  Even more importantly you need to make your elevator pitch retweet-worthy.  
Developing a re-tweetable elevator pitch can be hard.  You need to boil down what you do, what your product or service does into a bite-sized piece that can be consumed quickly by your audience.  
I have found an exercise that can help you develop your elevator pitch.  Start with the following words as the beginning of your elevator pitch:

I believe I have found…

Using this at the start of your elevator pitch does a few things.  First it helps you determine your why.  Why are you working here.  We touched on the importance of that in this blog post.  The second thing this question does is it explains very quickly what your company does.
Here are a few examples:
Real Estate Agent: “I believe I have found the quickest, most efficient way to market and sell a home for top dollar.”
Financial Planner: “I believe I have found the best way to help people reach their financial goals.”
Software Sales: “I believe I have found the one product that allows….”
Medical Device Sales: “I believe I have found the one device that can accurately identify…”
The purpose of a good elevator pitch is to get your audience to engage with you.  You want them to be intrigued.  You want them to want to learn more.  So, wet their appetite without throwing up your entire pitch deck in the elevator. After I say my I believe I have found statement, I pause and wait for their response.  If they indicate an interest to learn more, I pivot to setting a time to chat.  It could be a phone call or coffee, but some date and time on their calendar where we can learn more about each other.  
If you are struggling to create your I believe I have found statement, feel free to email me at: Bo.hamrick@bohamrick.com to set a time for me to help you craft the right elevator speech.  

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