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You are heading out to a big meeting in the morning.  You are up late working in your home office printing off the last few pieces of collateral for the meeting and your printer runs out of ink.  Has that ever happened to you?  I can not count the number of times I have had this happen.  In the latest installment of the Tech Tools for Sales Professionals, I want to hit on a different tech tool.
So far in this series we have looked at tools that help you find email addresses (Norbert and Hunter), tools that help you research (Owler), tools that help you provide more compelling content to your prospects (Fleeq and BombBomb), Improve your daily routing (Map My Customer), schedule meetings more efficiently (Calendly), and create online newsletters (Elink).  Now we are looking at a tech tool that helps with your printing costs and management of ink.
HP Instant Ink works with certain new HP Printers.  If you purchase a new printer you will see the HP Instant Ink Logo on the box or you can check out this LINK to see if your printer accepts Instant Ink.
How it works
You will need to complete three simple steps:
Step 1: Pick a plan
There are four plans to choose from based on how many pages you print each month.
My printer came with a free 5-month trial of the 50/pages/month plan.  I am currently still on that plan.
Step 2: Get Ink before you run out.
HP sends you HP Original Ink directly to your door.  You will get an email that you are about 75% through your current cartridge and that another one is on its way to you.  In about 2-3 days, your new cartridges will arrive.  You keep using the current cartridges until they run dry and then you replace the old cartridges and recycle them.
Step 3: You enjoy an easier way to print
You can change plans at any time, you can cancel at any time and if you go over your allotted number of pages, you can purchase extra pages without having to increase your plan.
I honestly have to admit that I have not done a true Return on Investment to determine if this is a cheaper way to purchase ink or not but the convenience factor alone is well worth any additional cost.
If you would like to try out this service, you can click on the LINK to get a free month of service.
***NOTE – This is an affiliate link and I may receive compensation for you signing up.  I am actively using the service.  I was not compensated for writing this blog post. ***

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