Tech Tools for the Sales Professional: LinkedIn Sales Navigator

In part eight of the tech tools series, I want to look at LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
So far we have looked at Norbert, Hunter, Owler, Fleeq, BombBomb, Map My Customer, and Calendly
I have tried LinkedIn Sales Navigator in the past when they offered free trials.  This is the first time I have actually started paying for LinkedIn Sales Navigator.  Of all of the tech tools I have talked about in this series, this is the most expensive tech tool we have looked at.
When you get the professional plan you receive the following:
  • 20 InMail Messages per month
    • This allows you to send an email like message through LinkedIn to people who are not currently connections.
  • 1,500 saved leads
    • Leads are individuals at prospective companies.  You have the ability to save companies and save leads for you to research later.  When I identify a new company to call on and enter them into my sales cadence, I will search the company on LinkedIn Navigator and then review all of the employees.  This search gives me a complete list of employees, including ones not listed on the website.
  • Who’s viewed your profile
    • You will be able to see everyone who has viewed your profile.  I like to see this metric to see if my searches and my work on LinkedIn is leading to my prospects looking for me.
  • Extended LinkedIn network Access
    • You can do more searches and are not limited like you are in the free version of LinkedIn.
  • Advanced lead and company search
    • You are not limited to the number of leads and companies you search.  In addition, you have additional filters you can use to narrow down your search to find the right leads
  • Lead and account recommendations
    • Every day, LinkedIn provides you with recommended companies you may want to prospect.  In addition, they give you recommendations on leads you may want to connect with.  I find myself using this on the Sales Navigator Mobile App.
  • Territory preferences
    • You can also limit your recommendations down to your territory.  In my current position, I am responsible for the East Coast.  So if I don’t want to look at people on the West Coast, then LinkedIn will keep it focused on my territory.
  • Job change alerts
    • We have talked in other posts about the importance of timing.  When someone makes a job change, it could be the right time for you to call them or call into their old company.
  • Prospect and company news alerts
    • Much like the value provided by Owler and Google Alerts, LinkedIn Sales Navigator can provide you with a curated list of updates about the companies you are following
  • Email Integration (Gmail, Outlook Web)
    • I have not used this and can not talk about it intelligently.
  • Notes and tags
    • You can add notes to accounts and put tags on them.  I have not used this feature yet but plan to.
  • Sales Navigator Learning Center
    • I have not used this feature yet but have it on my to do.
  • Includes LinkedIn Learning and Career Builder
    • I also have not used this and currently not planning on using it anytime soon
  • Sales Navigator Mobile App.
    • This app is fairly well designed and is nice to do research when you sitting in a waiting room or on a web meeting waiting for the meeting to start.  While the app is easy to use, it is a pain that I have to have both the LinkedIn app as well as the Sales Navigator App.
When I start researching a prospect, I start at their website and gather as much information as I can gather, I then go to LinkedIn.  With Sales Navigator, I can save the account and get updates on the company.  After I save the account, I can look at the employees on LinkedIn.  I look through the list of employees and save ones that I should be calling on.  I then add those names to our CRM (Salesforce).
Every day, based on who you tell LinkedIn is your ideal client, they provide you with suggested accounts and individuals who you should connect with.
*** Note – While I would love if LinkedIn had an affiliate program, at this point they do not. So, I am not receiving any compensation for you joining LinkedIn.  Also I have not received any compensation for writing this post.  ***



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