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As a sales rep, you most likely have time when you are travelling. You could be travelling to see a customer or prospect or just driving into the office everyday. When you are travelling, you have a choice for what to listen to. You can listen to talk or news radio, you could listen to music, or you could listen to something that could make you a better salesperson.

When I travel I prefer to listen to podcasts. I have my types of podcasts broken down into a couple of different categories: Industry related, Sales Related, and Personal Interest. Since I am in the Real Estate industry, my industry related podcasts are all about real estate. I will not share those in this post because, depending on your industry, these may not matter. I will share a few of my personal interest ones but this post will mainly focus on the ones that I think could make you a better salesperson. Some of them are clearly sales related podcasts others are ones that could help you in a sales call.

Personal Interest

I will list for you four of my personal interest podcasts. I am a big sports fan and I know that many of “non-sales” conversations with my prospects typically move into the sports category, these are good ones to keep me up to date on the sports world.

Matty & The Caddie


This ESPN podcast is by Matt Barrie and Michael Collins. They break down the latest things happening in the world of golf. I like this podcasts because of the golf discussion but also because these two are hilarious with their back and forth banter with each other. I will typically find a good story or two to share with my other golf-loving prospects.

The Big Podcast with Shaq


This Podcast One podcast is much bigger than sports, the show is fun, topical and slightly irreverent. Shaq talks news, entertainment, controversy, and the crazy life of Shaq himself. You will hear great segments like Borderline that highlights when someone says something borderline on the air. Again, you will get good stories to share with your podcasts while also getting a good laugh in.

The Dan Patrick Show


This is another Podcast One podcast and is a re-air of the nationally syndicated radio show by the same name. You are going to get the most relevant sports news along with Dan’s perspective on pop culture and the entertainment world. This podcast will keep you in the know for all things sports for the day.

Pat McAfee Show 2.0


On “The Pat McAfee Show 2.0,” Pat and his friends deliver one of a kind opinions that won’t be heard anywhere else. Pat is a recently retired NFL punter with no filter what-so-ever. You will not want to listen to this podcasts with your kids around. This podcast is equal parts relatable and ridiculous.

Sales Related

These podcasts are sales related.

Building a Story Brand


Before you start this podcast, go read the book Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller. If you are frustrated because you struggle to get the word out about your product or service, the Building a Storybrand book and podcast will help. I love the fun and entertaining way Donald Miller brings you practical advice about clarifying your message so customers will listen. One of my guilty pleasures about this Podcast is listening to co-hosts JJ’s laugh. On 1.5 speed it is the best thing you will hear all day.

Sales Gravy by Jeb Blount


Jeb’s podcasts vary in length and sometimes are short little tips from him and sometimes are full length interviews of other sales professionals but I enjoy his books and find his podcasts as valuable as well.

Sell or Die by Jeffrey Gitomer


If you download all of their podcasts and listen to them, you will see the podcast has taken many changes over the years. Now they have a motivation Monday podcast which is a recording of a Facebook Live they do on Mondays. Tuesday through Thursday is typically an interview with a salesperson, author or business owner. Most times the interviews are pretty good. The one thing that Jeffrey does that I don’t like is he always tries to one-up his guest and tell them something they should be doing better. I chalk this up to this being the “Jersey” in him and look past it for the nuggets of sales insight that is typically good.

Advance Selling Podcast


Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale are B2B sales trainers for the past twenty years and they share their strategies, frameworks, tips and tricks to help you leverage your talent, grow your skills and create your own sales success. You’ll discover how you can shift your mindset, win with prospects and build long-term relationships with your clients so you can thrive and advance your career. Bill and Bryan’s approach to sales is funny, often quirky and always real. Their work has allowed them to help sales professionals, managers and leaders at hundreds of companies all over the world implement successful strategies and build profitable sales teams. Prospecting, sales communication, buyer resistance, proposals and RFPs, pricing, cold calling, sales forecasting, pain points, psychology, positioning, deal coaching, goal setting, leading and managing, achieving your goals and all the other things that work (and don’t work) in the world of sales to help you be the best possible version of yourself.

Bill Caskey Podcast for Sales Teams


Bill Caskey has been a sales trainer, leader, and experimenter for over 25 years. His sales philosophies have been adopted by some of America’s most successful sales teams. Now, he takes his work of helping sales teams double their output, and shares strategies and tactics with the audience. This is the same Bill Caskey from the Advance Selling Podcast.

Non-Sales Podcasts that I like as well

These are not sales podcasts but could have some sales tips in them.

HBR Idea Cast

Masters of Scale

Ted Talks

The Pitch

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