Questions are your superpower in sales

One of the most important parts of any sales process is the discovery phase. This is when you are asking your prospect questions. It is easy to ask the basic questions. But the great questions are where the gold is found. Great Questions are your superpower.

Why should we ask great questions? Basically, we are looking for information and questions to provide that information. of course, we are also looking for the “pain” and questions help us get to the core of the problem. Here is a short look at some of the benefits of great questions.

A great question can move someone off the fence by igniting emotions that produce buy-in. You have truly failed in sales if your prospect is indifferent. In those cases, you typically are not going to close the deal. But if the right question can create emotion, you have the chance of getting them off the fence.

Sometimes the “pain” is not there or it does not hurt enough. Sometimes you need questions to help the prospect discover their desires. These opportunities may not “hurt” but instead be a limitation to obtaining their goals and you need to help them discover it.

A great question can also buy you time. After you get an objection, you may need time to gather your thoughts…Ask a question. Also on the front end of your response to a question or objection, adding a question can provide clarity to what you are saying.

For a great question to be effective, it needs to be asked to the right person. A great question to the wrong level in the organization is just as bad as a bad question to the right level of the organization. Kryptonite is effective on Superman, but not spiderman.

The best question…the greatest question of all time changes the lens by which a person sees their world. I know that sounds like some deep stuff here, and it is! I am serious though if you can change their perspective with one question, use it!

A great question can draw someone closer to you. By bringing them closer, you make it easier for them to look inward to themselves and ultimately to reflect on how they truly feel.

Great questions allow you to take control of a conversation. And you can do it without appearing to be controlling.

The best questions create higher quality communication. Higher quality communication fosters superior relationships. Want better relationships? Ask better questions.

Great questions open the recipient on a path of self-discovery. You could tell a prospect something and perhaps they will consider it. If they discover it…it becomes theirs. If they can discover it, they will have fewer objections.

Judge a man not by his answers, but by his questions (Voltaire). Great questions create higher levels of rapport. Use your questions to build a better connection.

As you can see, questions are a superpower that you can use to generate more sales. Good luck and happy selling.

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