The ABCs of Selling

To be successful as a child you need to know your ABC’s. If you want to be successful as a sales professional, you need to know these ABC’s.


A – Aspirations

               You need to understand the aspirations of your prospects.  Where do they want to be as an organization or individual?  Understand their aspirations and you can diagnose their needs and prescribe a solution

B – Buyer Focused

               Nobody cares about you or your organization.  They do not care about your sales pipeline or your need to hit your quota.  You need to focus yourself on the buyer.  Do not talk about how great you are, talk about how great your prospect can make their organization.

C – Connect

               You need to connect with people on a personal level.  The better you can connect with your clients and prospects the better you can understand their aspirations and stay focused on the buyer

D – Disconnect

               You need to be able to disconnect from the outcome of any opportunity.  If you are focused on the commission you are going to make or the recognition you will receive internally, you will end up losing the deal.  Disconnect from the outcome and focus solely on the tasks at hand.

E – Executive Selling

               Sell as high in the organization as you can.  Start with the CEO and let him/her introduce you to someone below them who will make a decision.  The CEO can kill any deal they say no to.  Make sure you start with a yes.

F – Forecast

               It is hard to get where you are going unless you know how to get there.  Forecasting not only your deals but also the deals you want to target will help you make a plan to accomplish the goals you have

G – Goals

               Speaking of goals.  You need to have SMART Goals.  These are not only the goal of hitting your quota but also personal improvement goals and professional development.

H – Helping

               Every interaction you have with your prospects and clients needs to be one that is helping them.  Are you helping them solve a problem, obtain an aspiration or provide them with value?

I – Insight

               One of the ways to help your prospects or clients is to provide them with insights.  Insights give you the ability to help your clients see the value your organization can provide.

J – Justify

               Every purchase made by individuals or companies need to be justified.  Providing the buyer with the justification they need to purchase will help them make better decisions.

K – Knowledge

               You need to be knowledgeable about your product, your prospects and clients, and your industry.  The more knowledgeable you are the more helpful you can be.  Constantly be on the lookout for ways that you can gain knowledge.

L – Loyalty

               Customer satisfaction means nothing.  That can change.  You want to have customer loyalty.  Loyal customers stick with you through thick and thin.  Loyal customers tell everyone they know about how great you are.

M – Measure

               You can’t improve what you don’t measure.  This goes both for you in measuring your goals but also for your clients and prospects. They need to be able to measure the impact your product is having on their business.

N – Needs

               If a person has aspirations, they have needs.  Uncover both and you see the opportunity.  Miss one of these and you miss the sale.

O – Opportunity

               Your job is to find the opportunities.  You need to constantly be adding more to your pipeline. Never get complacent with certain multiple to your pipeline.  Always be adding more opportunities.

P – Prospecting

               In order to bring in more opportunities, you need to always be prospecting.  Put time on your calendar every day to prospect.  Look for new connections you can make and new areas for you to enter within your accounts

Q – Questions

               You need to always be asking questions.  Why did you do that? How impactful has that been? What is next for the organization?  You need to find magic questions that will unlock your prospects to have them share with you all that you need to know.

R – Relationship

               People buy from people they like.  You need to develop relationships with the people you sell to.  Do not just be a transaction maker or order taker but rather have deep-seated relationships with your prospects and customers.

S – Situational Self – Leadership

               You can’t always rely on your manager to work on your personal development.  Situational self – leadership means that you understand where you are in your development as a sales professional and seek assistance in getting better from either your manager or some other person.

T – Trust

               Trust is a key to a lot of what we have talked about so far.  Relationship? Trust. Answers to your questions? Trust. Are prospects and clients buying from you? Trust.  Trust is the secret weapon of the best sales professionals

U – Understanding

               You need to understand the business, industry, needs, and aspirations of your prospects and clients. The more you understand that stuff the more understanding you can be of their problems.  Also when things go sideways with a client.  Come from a place of understanding, not defense.

V – Value

               The more value you can provide, the more likely that a person wants to meet with you.  The more value your solution or product provides, the more likelihood a person will want to buy from you.  Show the value and win the business.

W – Win

               Your job is to win.  But win smart.  You may not win all the time but you want to win more than you lose.

X – X – Factor

               You need to be the X-Factor.  The reason your clients and prospects buy from you needs to be YOU.  The more they like you, the more success you can have.  You make yourself indispensable.

Y – You

               Be you.  Do you have a sense of humor? Be You and use it.  Don’t have a good sense of humor? Then don’t try and be funny.  The more authentic you can be the more likable you become.

Z – Zoom out

               It can be hard to not get bogged down in the day – to – day minutia.  You need to take time each week and look at the big picture.

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