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One of the more glamorous aspects of the sales profession is access to a Travel and Entertainment budget or a T&E account.  For some sales professionals, you are given the opportunity to travel and spend time with your prospects and customers.  You could spend time with them at a meal, golf outing, or some type of entertainment venue.  Some of those events could be sporting events, concerts, or a theatrical performance.  Your budget could also include the ability to provide small gifts to your prospects.  Of all of the options of the T&E Budget, I prefer those that are more of the experiences variety.  I think gifts are nice, but most likely you are not giving a really nice gift and you run the risk of the gift looking like a bribe.  When you do a customer outing that is an experience, you provide them with great memories.  I went on a fishing trip with one company twice and even though those trips were 12-13 years ago, I still talk about them.  Experiences also give you more time to talk and hang out. 

For me, being a huge sports fan and enjoying going to as many sports venues as possible, I am always looking for a way to go to a sporting event when I am in town.  Trying to buy tickets through the venue’s box office can be difficult, especially for sold out events.  Also most of the good seats are already claimed by other people.  So, if you want the best seats for the best events, you need to go to an online ticket broker.  The one that I prefer is TicketLite.

TicketLite can get you tickets to some of the hard to find and sold out events.  One of the events coming soon that is a fun one for me to go to is the UNC vs Duke game.  It will be the final game of the regular season and Senior night for three of the leaders of the Tarheel Team.  If you went to the Dean Smith Center Box office, this event would be sold out.  But a quick look on TicketLite and you can get tickets for this game

Those seats in the 100 section of the venue, are some great seats.  Here is the view from one game I went to at UNC.  This would be Section 101.  Section 101 would put you straight down the line from both benches with the vistor’s bench closest to you. 

No photo description available.

So for your next family trip or your next business trip that includes a concert, theater, or sporting event be sure to check out TicketLite for all of your ticketing needs.
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