Tweeting for the last 6 months has done this for me…

In late 2018, I read a free e-book from Jeffery Gitomer called Tweetables.  In the book, Jeffery discusses the benefits of posting good content on Twitter.  He even provides a 365-day list of tweets of his that you can share on your social network.  I have been sharing his thoughts as ReTweets, shares on Linkedin and shares on Facebook.  I have seen my LinkedIn Company page grow its follower count 4x.  I have seen my Facebook company page increase 1.5x and I have seen my Twitter following grow by 56 new followers.  

Growing my network has introduced me to other sales professionals and thought leaders in the sales world.  It has also increased the traffic on my profiles as well as my website. 

While all of the social media metrics are important, the part that has been best for me is creating the routine of posting to Buffer and scheduling so that it posts on a consistent basis every day.  I have been able to add more to that routine and it has helped me in all aspects of my professional life.  In addition, my research to share the Thought of the Day or TOD, as well as reading all of Jeffery’s tweets have provided me with additional motivation when I have needed it most.  

I encourage all of you to post more to Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. If you feel at a loss for words, then do what I did and shameless share from others. Take the quotes from Jeffrey Gitomer that I share and repost them to your followers. Take the Thought of the Day that I share each afternoon, and re

tweet them to your followers.

I would love to hear how your increased social media activity has improved your network.

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