Virtual Sales Kick Off

Many sales organizations meet during the first quarter of the year to host a Sales Kickoff. These meetings are typically a combination of product training, celebration from the previous year, sales training, motivational speakers and distributing goals/quotas and sometimes comp plans.  
Since I have no way of giving you product training, determining your quota or designing your comp plan, I will stick with the sales training and motivational side of a Sales Kickoff.  Feel free to watch the following videos 

For Motivation:
I love this scene.  It hits on the effort required and realizing that your brain sometimes tricks you into thinking you can not do anymore.  Even though your body has more to give.

I gave my own commencement address but this one is really good.  

I love Matthew McConaughey.  Not in the same way my wife does but nonetheless.  I have always loved his acting, and maybe it is the southern accent that he has and how that accent has not limited him, and I hope mine doesn’t either.  But I digress. Listen to his words as to why you are not happy. 

I also like the following Ted Talks.  Ted is one of the many Podcasts that I listen to. These are a little bit longer but I recommend watching at least one of these a day for the next few days. 

This one is about setting the right goals for your new year.

The next one is about how you can motivate yourself.

Let’s continue the discussion about motivation. Here is a talk about the puzzle of Motivation.

The last two for you are not Sales related videos but are two videos that I love to watch at least once a year.

The first is Jimmy V’s speech a few months before his death when he was awarded with the ESPN Espy’s Award for Courage.

The ESPY speech is short compared to the next one. It was given at the Million Dollar Round Table conference which is for some of the top insurance sales reps in the world. He discusses the value of goals and achieving your goals. Ask yourself: How would I define cutting down the nets?

I find all of these videos valuable for me. Bookmark this page and come back anytime you need a swift kick in the rear to get you motivated to go make the calls and do the work needed to be successful this year.

In addition to these videos, if you need something to read that could help you out. Here are a few of my posts that could help you out as well:

Here is my first post ever about having the right Mindset.

Here is one about you being a Fig Tree and making sure you do the things needed to grow.

Jimmy V MDRT:

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