What is on my phone 2019 Edition

Last week we looked at what was in my bag. This week I would like to update last year’s post about what is on my phone.

A few weeks back we talked about going through a phone detox.  Doing this reduced the number of apps on my phone but I still have a number of apps that I use to make my life as a salesperson more productive.
In this year’s version of what is on my phone, I would like to not only focus on the apps I have but also how the phone is organized.  
Home Screen

Per the phone detox, my home screen is blank.  The only thing I can see is my bar at the bottom which includes my Phone, Messages, Apple Mail, and Outlook. 
I have two separate mail apps because I like the all in one capability of the Outlook app for my company email.  In addition, by having my work email separate, when I go into check my work email, I am not distracted by my personal email.  

Second Screen The second screen has some of my most used apps including the apps used most for business.  There are no folders on this screen because I want to be faster to get to these apps because I use them most often.  
Apple Wallet – I am a big fan of Apple Wallet.  Not only do I keep my bank cards there to pay, but I can also keep my boarding passes there for American Airlines and Mobile keys for Marriott.  
Apple Maps – I know some of you may say that Google Maps is better but honestly, I do not notice a difference between the two apps based on how I use them.  So I have stuck with the native map app that came with the phone. If I switch to an android phone, I would use Google Maps.
Uber – I use Uber for business travel when I do not rent a car.  I have two profiles in the app, one for business and one for personal to help make expense reports easier to use.  If you are somehow, new to Uber, download the app and use invite code: georgeh14716ue to get a free first ride.  If you do this, I get a free $5.00 ride.  Thanks, friend!
Marriott – I have been Marriott rewards member for years and have enjoyed their hotels and their loyalty to me.  I book all my hotels on the app as well as do the mobile check-in.
American – I was initially a US Airways frequent flyer. But the merger to American has moved me to an American Frequent Flyer.  I am honestly not in love with the program or the recent changes they have made.  When I was US Airways, I would almost always get upgraded and there was no limit to the length of the flight to get a free upgrade. American not only has more members in the program now, thus making it more difficult to get a free upgrade but you are also limited by the number of miles flown.  I have thought of switching for years but never pulled the trigger.  Regardless of which airline I fly, the app is used to book flights, check-in to my flight and download my mobile boarding pass.
SilverCar – Silvercar is my preferred rental car provider. But they are not in every location I travel, so I only use them when it is available.  You can learn more about Silvercar by going to their website.  But with regards to how I use the app, I can book my reservation online and then use the app to complete my car rental.  If you are new to Silvercar you can get 20% off your first booking by using the code: FIRST20.  (This is not an affiliate code and I do not receive any compensation).  
Amazon Alexa – I have an Amazon Dot in my kitchen and use it for two purposes.  First to play music when in the kitchen cooking.  Second to make my grocery list.  I keep the Alexa app just for my shopping list.  I know I am not using Alexa up to her capabilities but it works for me.
Google Chrome – I use Google Chrome instead of Safari for two reasons.  First, it is the same browser I use on my laptop so my favorites, passwords, and browsing history are saved.  For a while, I disabled Safari on my phone so every link I click on in an email or in another app does not load.  It requires me to make an extra step to decide if I really want to click on this link and get lost in a rabbit hole or is this click of the link going to be a productive use of my time. Due to how much this slowed me down, I have reinstalled Safari just for when I click on links in my email.
Podcasts – When I workout, travel or do yard work, I listen to podcasts, I have an upcoming post on Podcasts I recommend where we will go into detail about the Pods I listen to and why.
Apple Music – Have an Apple Music subscription and so this is my default music app.  
Amazon Music – I keep this one on my phone because of my Amazon Prime account and I have some songs on here that are downloaded for use with Alexa.
Photos and Videos – This is the only folder on the screen and includes my camera, Google Photos, Amazon Photos, Boomerang, GoPro and iMovies.  All of my photo and video tools are here in one spot.
Alarm Clock – I use this alarm clock instead of the Apple native clock app because I like the digital clock look and feel.  
Calculator – This is the native apple Calculator app and I use as…well you guessed it, a calculator.
ATracker – Atracker is my time tracking app.  We discussed how I use it on this blog post.
Calm – I use calm to do my morning mediation.  We discussed my morning routine in the Goals Blog Post.
Third ScreenThe third screen is where most of my apps reside.  They are broken down into folders to make it easier to find and to allow me the ability to have most of my apps on one page.  

Business FolderThis folder is for apps that I use either for my “real job” as a sales person or some of side hustles.  

Uber Driver:  I drive for Uber.  At least a couple times a month I will go out and drive on a weekend.  I also will turn on Uber and Lyft when I am travelling to and from the airport on business trips.  Most times I can pick up at least one person and take them to the airport with me.
Lyft Driver:  Just like Uber, I also drive for Lyft.  
Amazon Seller:  Over the course of my sales career, I had built out a fairly robust library of books.  I started selling them on Amazon and make a few bucks a month.
WordPress:  This blog is run on WordPress, so I keep this app on my phone so I can check the stats on number of visitors.
AdSense:  As you are most likely aware, I have ads on my site.  I have the AdSense app to allow me to see how the ads on my site are going.  
DropBox:  I keep all of my personal and professional documents in DropBox.  On occasion, I will need to send something to a prospect.  Having all of my files in one spot affords me that luxury.
Notes:  I don’t use this app much but My wife and I have a few shared notes and we use this app to do that.
Reminders:  Again, not an app I will use often and should most likely be deleted.
Buffer:  My post to my Facebook page, LinkedIn Page and Twitter each day are scheduled inside of Buffer for me.  This allows me to go in and make up to 10 post in advance and to schedule the post to go out at set times.  

HP Smart:  This app is used to allow me to send documents or email on my phone to my home printer.  I have never actually done it.  This is most likely another app that needs to be purged.  
Files:  I dont use this one either since I have DropBox.
BombBomb: One app that I highlighted in My Tech Tools for the Sales Professional was BombBomb.  This app allows me to send videos on my phone.
Go To Meeting:  99% of my meetings will occur when I am sitting in front of my computer but in the off chance that I am unable to get in front of a computer with an internet connection, I have the app on my phone so I can kick off meetings while traveling
Evernote: I keep all of notes for my blog in Evernote.  Sometimes I am hit with a wonderful idea for a blog post and I am able to jump into the app and add my thoughts on the fly.  
Analytics:  I am playing with this app right now, it provides me analytics on my Facebook page.  It is nice but currently I am not that concerned with how many followers I have, I am more interested in providing you guys with great content.  
The remaining folders are for personal use: Entertainment includes the apps we use to stream television and sports.  Finance is our banking apps, Games includes a few games I like to play on my phone. Health, Smart Home and Weather are all personal apps.  You will notice the leisure folder.  This again comes from my phone detox.  But I have 5 apps in this folder.  On the first page is the LinkedIn Sales Navigator and the second page includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin.  You can learn more about why I have it on the second page by reading my Phone Detox Post.  You can also learn more about it by reading my book Tech Tools for the Modern Sales Professional.
The last screen on my phone is titled Systems and it has just some iPhone Specific apps that I do not use often.  

If you have any questions about any of the apps on my phone or how I use them, do not hesitate to ask me a question in the comment section below.  

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