What’s in my Bag. 2019 Edition

Last year I shared a What’s in my bag Post. This post was inspired by Matt Mullenweg. Matt is the CEO of Automattic which runs WordPress.  He releases a yearly blog about what he has in his bag.  So here is my 2019 edition of what is in my bag.  

Briefcase #1 – I have been carrying the OGIO bag for over a year now.  I was disappointed last year when my Johnston Murphy bag of 5 years broke and was unable to be repaired.  I have started to fall in love with the OGIO bag because it can fit everything you see in the post without being too heavy. It also fits perfectly under a plane seat while leaving me room for my feet as well.  

Computer – My computer is still a Lenovo.  It is still from my employer but my employer has changed.  I did not have a choice in this, but I have no complaints about the computer. It works just fine.  

iPad #2 – This one is mine.  It is about 4 years old and has very little storage left but it does work to allow me to watch shows when traveling.  I personally do not use it the iPad when working. I am still a pen and paper note taker. I have tried on a number of occasions to go with the iPad as my notes taking solution and it just does not work for me. However, I have it does provide me with an entertainment source when I need one. I also use the Kindle app for reading and the iPad has about 15 books on it that I want to read.  

iPad Case #2 – My iPad cases include a keyboard are from Logitech.  I found this one at Best Buy. The battery life on this keyboard is great. I maybe charge it twice a year!

Powerbanks – Neteck Solar Powered power bank #4 I acquired from Amazon.  I love this because it is rainproof, drop proof and solar powered.  I use this power bank just as much for personal use as I do for professional.  I also carry an OrigAudio #5, this was provided to me by a previous employer as a Sales Kickoff give-a-way.  I like this one because it has three USB ports to charge multiple devices. Both of the power banks hold enough juice to charge multiple devices multiple times during the day.

Cord Carrier #6 – My Mother-in-Law gave it to me Christmas 2017 and I have used it ever since.  It carries all of the cords I use on a business trip including my power banks.  Because it is made out of Neoprene, it stretches to hold all my essentials.  

Apple Earbuds #7I was not sure how much I would use these when I first got them and was concerned they would fall out of my ear or I would lose them.  I am happy to report that not only have I not lost them…yet(knock on wood) but that  I love these guys.  I keep one in my ear and the other in the Tic-Tac charging case.  I like to listen to Podcasts when I travel and I can listen to these while on a plane and I go all day without ever having to worry about charging my buds.  

Bose Wired Headphones #8I use these for my iPad and my computer.  I carry these because I only have my earbuds linked to my phone.  So I use this when watching videos on my iPad while traveling or when on a GoTo Meeting on my computer in a public place.

Notebook #9 – I am currently prototyping a sales notebook that would help salespeople stay focused and get more done.  So I currently have a basic plain notebook that I am manually drawing the prototype of the sales planner on to fine tune it for your use.  Stay tuned for more information about the sales planner. In the near future, I will be in need of some beta testers, if you are interested in helping with the testing, let me know.

In the meantime, before I come out with my notebook, I recommend the Panda Planner:

Panda Planner BEST SELLER – This is the planner that started the movement! Convenient, compact, 3-month size $24.97 + Free Shipping. Buy Now

#10 – I always have a tube of ChapStick and some Advil to defeat a potential migraine.

#11 – I drink a lot of water and I think water is the most expensive thing you can find in an airport.  It is recommended you drink 8oz of water per hour you are in the air. I carry the Vapur Water bottle with me and it folds up nicely to fit in my briefcase.

#12 – I have an Apple watch on my wrist.  I really do not use it as a tool.  With my phone detox still going on.  My phone notifications have been reduced to just text messages so the only notification I get on my watch is text messages.  I could easily switch to a “dumb” watch and not skip a beat.

#13 – My newest addition to my bag is a Fancii Mini Humidifier.  This is another gift from my Mother-In-Law.  I wanted this because I noticed when I traveled that while in the hotel rooms that I was waking up with a dry mouth, nasal pressure and just an overall icky feeling.  I felt like having a humidifier in the hotel room would help me out.  The Fancii Humidifier is about the size of a hockey puck and fits easily into my toiletry bag.  It is battery operated or can be run with a Mini-USB adapter.  The water source is any water bottle.  

I always have a plethora of cords with me.  I will have at least two apple cords and one micro USB cord.  I carry a charging cable for my computer as well as my watch.

Hopefully, this list could provide you with some new tools for your bag. Please note that some of the links in this article are affiliate links.

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