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Matt Mullenweg the CEO of Automattic…which operates WordPress, which is who I use to run this blog, has a yearly post of what is in his bag. Matt’s Post  In his post, he lists all of the things that he carries with him. I am going to shamelessly copy his idea and give you a post of all the things I carry with me when I travel.

Briefcase #1 – I recently changed bags. I now carry the OGIO bag pictured below.  I used to use a Johnston Murphy leather bag. I had this bag for over 5 years and I loved it but the bag’s clasp broke and I needed a new bag.  I like the OGIO bag because it is small enough to place under the seat in front of me on a plane and I can stretch my feet over it but it has enough room to carry all of my stuff.

Computer – Lenovo– From my current employer. I don’t have a choice in this one but this one works fine and I do not have any complaints about the computer.

Two iPads #2 & #3 – One is mine and one is the companies. I will post another day about what apps I have on my phone and my tablets.

iPad Cases  #2 & #3– Both of my cases are Logitech

Powerbanks – Nekteck Solar Powered Powerbank #4 (Purchase here on Amazon). I also carry an OrigAudio #5 one that my company gave me during a sales kickoff.

Cord Carrier #6 – My Mother In Law gave me this for Christmas and it is a good bag to keep your cords in.

Apple Ear Buds.  #7

Bose Wired Headphones #8 for iPad and computer.  I carry these because I have chosen to only use my Ear Buds for my phone. I read too many reviews where if you connected them to multiple devices that it would not know which one to pair to. So to make my life easier, I keep them connected to my phone and use my Bose headphones for everything else. (Link to Amazon)

Notebook #9– This was given to me by my employer as well.  I am not picky about which notebook I use, I just need one that I can write on. Here is the planner I am using now.

Panda Planner BEST SELLER – This is the planner that started the movement! Convenient, compact, 3-month size $24.97 + Free Shipping. Buy Now

Mousepad # 10– Nothing fancy here but I always want one in case my meeting is in a room with a marble table top.  Most laser pointed mice do not work on marble.

#11 I always have to have a tube of ChapStick and some Advil to defeat a potential migraine.

# 12 I drink a lot of water and like to carry the Vapur Water bottle with me and it folds up nicely to fit in my briefcase. (Another Amazon Link)

# 13 I have an Apple Watch on my wrist.

Plus I always have extra cords laying around.  I hate to see any of my devices getting into the red levels on the battery gauge.

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