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Following up on my “What’s in my Bag” post from last week. I want to continue with a post about what I have on my phone.  I am going to start with the top left app and run across my screen introducing you to each app and adding thoughts about each if needed.  I file my apps into folders to make them easier to find.

I will not go through every app on my phone but rather focus on the ones that are applicable for sales professionals.

Travel Apps

I am loyal to a number of travel providers so I have the following apps on my phone: Marriott, American Airlines, Enterprise, and Starwood.

In addition to my travel partners. My current company has an agreement with Uber that allows my work-related rides to go directly to my expense management software.  I also like having the StubHub app so that I can check and see if there is a last minute ticket I can snag for a game.

Business Apps

I have a Google Voice number that I use for telemarketers.  I have it set to go straight to voice mail and that keeps many of the telemarketers off my phone.  But I also like Google voice’s transcription service to send me a text of all voicemails I get.  It is not perfect as a transcriber but it allows me to get the gist of the call and call the person back.

I use Dropbox for my personal files and like having everything connected in one area in the cloud.

My current company utilizes WebEx for all of our tele-conferencing needs.  We use Concur to manage our expenses, DocuSign to handle our electronic signatures and Seismic for our marketing content organization.

I personally like to use Nozbe to manage my To-do list.  I find that many of my task require input from other people.  It could be the legal team is needed to create a contract or I need assistance from our support team to answer a questions for a client.  Nozbe allows me to keep track of my task list, keep track of who I am waiting on to get something done and are there any time restraints I need  to be aware of.

Social Apps

I use all of the core Social Medial Apps: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.  I use Facebook for two purposes.  I have my personal Facebook page and a Facebook page for my writing.  I do that so that I do not bombard my friends and families with stuff about my book and blog…unless they are interested in getting it.

I use LinkedIn for my Professional Online Presence.  Twitter is a mixture of both personal and professional.  Instagram is mainly used for personal use.

The last social app I use is Buffer.  Buffer can schedule your post to be released throughout the day.  For many of my www.bohamrick.com post, I write and schedule them on the weekend or at night but have them post during the workday.  This is important for two reasons. First, it allows me to stay focused on my day job during the day. Second, it allows me to do some A/B testing on the best time to share a post.

Entertainment Apps

I love sports so I have the WatchESPN, Fox Sports Go, CBS Sports and SportsLive apps for watching my favorite sports teams.

When I drive, I prefer to listen to podcasts. I listen to the following Podcasts: Bigger Pockets, Building Success: A Real Estate Podcast, UVA Darden BusinessCasts, Dear HBR, Elevation with Steven Furtick, HBR IdeaCast, Leverton Podcast, William and Mary Leadership and Business, Marty Smith’s America, RE Insight, Sell or Die Podcast, Ted Talks Daily, The 1-3-20 Podcast, The 2x Podcast, The Advance Selling Podcasts, The Side Hustle Show, Tobacco Road, Tribe of Mentors, Wharton Sports Business, and Zack Miller Says.  I may do another post about what I like about each of these.

These are all of the main apps that I use daily on my phone.  Are there any apps that I am missing or should be using?  Do you use some of the same apps?  I would love to hear from you guys.

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