Tech Tools for the Sales Professional: You Dropped the BombBomb on me Baby!

In the fifth part of our series on sales tools, I would like to introduce you to Bomb Bomb.  Last week in my article on Fleeq, we talked about the increased use in Video.  The other products we have reviewed so far in our Tech Tools for the Modern Sales rep series are Norbert, Hunter, Owler. I use Fleeq for product tutorials and static videos.  To create a more dynamic video, Bomb Bomb is here to help you drop the Bomb Bomb on your clients.  I use Bomb Bomb in a couple of ways:
(1) Prospecting email. What do I do when the prospect has not responded to my phone calls or emails? I send a personalized video with their name, their company name, and a message specifically for them.  The open rate in these emails is roughly 2x that of a traditional cold email.
(2) Call follow-up. When I get someone on the phone and they ask for information. We schedule a meeting for an introductory call or we need to follow up from a demonstration.  I use Bomb Bomb to keep the personal touch going.  I have pre-written scripts for people that want more information.  I record the personal video for them and send it over.  After the introductory call, I recap what we have discussed and lay out our next steps.  Finally, when we have a follow up item from a demo, I can show them how our software can do what they need in a video.
(3) Special Events.  If we are going to trade show, if we have just left a trade show, prospect birthdays, anniversaries (both personal and professional), milestone events for their company or any other special event are all good reasons to drop the Bomb Bomb on them.
Here is an extremely generic script that I did with BombBomb.
Aside from allowing you to quickly record, view and send videos, Bomb Bomb also tracks the emails you send, the emails that are open and the videos that are watched.  They can also create a customized template for you with your company logo, links to your website and social media pages and a link to your calendar.  They offer that in the dashboard on the website and can send you email notifications when any of those events take place.  They can integrate with Gmail, Outlook, social media and Salesforce among other software companies.
I recommend you give them a try and see if it can work for your business.
By clicking on the Bomb Bomb link, you can sign up for a free 14 day trail of Bomb Bomb.
***NOTE – This is an affiliate link and I may receive compensation for you signing up.  I have fully paid for Bomb Bomb and am actively using the software. ***

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